Sainsonic 144Hz 3D-lasit DLP-link

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Sainsonic 144Hz 3D-lasit DLP-link

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Edulliset ja laadukkaat 3D-lasit DLP-link projektoreihin. Ladattavat akut ja 144Hz yhteensopivuus. Sopiii mainiosti esim. BenQ W1070 videotykkiin.

SainSonic new generation 144Hz  technology for 3D DLP-Link Projector Rechargeable Active Shutter Glasses
Warm tip:
If you cannot make sure does our glasses can work with your projector or not, you only need to confirm the following information:

1:The 3D signal receiving window can receive the DLP-Link signal. As soon as you use 96-144Hz DLP-Link 3D projector and connect thru 3D image source,our glasses can work perfect with your projector

2: Or if your projector has the logo of “DLP 3D Ready”, our glasses also can work with.

Brand SainSonic:
SainSonic is a well-known online brand specialized on 3D Rechargeable Active Shutter Glasses and other Home Audio/Video products.

Brand: SainSonic
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 Model: 3D Rechargeable Universal Active Shutter Glasses
Charge Time: about 2.5 H Field Rates: new generation 144Hz technology
Work Time: about 35 H Battery: 3.7V LI-CON Rechargeable
Receiving Angle: U/D: ±35℃ L/R: ±55℃ IR Receiving Timing: 8m (max.)
Storage: -30℃~70℃ Operating: 0℃~50℃
Weight: 37±2g (max.) Shutters: Liquid Crystal
Color: Black Transmittance: 36%(TYP.)
Compatibility: 3D DLP Ready Logo Projector